Real Estate financing for purchasing a property in the Dominican Republic

The real estate market in the Dominican Republic have been a cash buyers market for a long time, but there are some options for those of you who needs financing for buying your property.


Owner financing

This means that some of the owners of properties are willing to offer financing themselves.

This is usually for 50% of the sales price and over short time frames of 2 – 5 years at interest rates of 5 – 10%. The financing terms is negotiated during your offer stage and will be written into any offer to purchase made by you.

You can see this mentioned on some listings, but talk to us if there is some specific property your interested in and we can always make an offer to the owner.


Banks are willing to consider loans on property for up to 25 years with interest rates around 7 – 10% and up to 70% of the appraised value. All loans are in US dollars and the rate of interest is usually variable. To start the process you will normally need to have agreed a price and terms on a specific property, subject to mortgage approve,